Adventures of a Brunoholic
My Name Is Malika, I'm From Miami But I Currently Live In GA. I'm 20. A Scorpio. And A Self Proclaimed Cool Kid ;; I Love, Love, Love Bruno Mars #Hooligan, And Am Very Fond Of Ed Sheeran ;; I Also Love/Hate The Vampire Diaries #Beremy #Anti-Elana ;; My Favorite Show Is Pretty Little Liars #Ezria #Haleb ;; Favorite Books Include Harry Potter #Romione, Twilight #Team Jacob, And The Hunger Games #Everlark, Although I Can't Say The Same For Their Movies!!! I Also Reblog Other Things That Catch My Attention~

So Mix All That Together And You
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Side Note: I Experienced The Moonshine Jungle Tour On June 13, 2014
And it was EPIC :D


u cant rep team ugly when u have 100+ notes on ya selfie thats ugly nigga appropriationĀ 


Marrying a white person seems terrifying tbh . Hiking ? Skiing ?!?!???? Camping ?!??????? MILD SALSA ?!???????????!!!!!!!!!!! COUNTRY CLUB ?!?!?????????????????!!!