Adventures of a Brunoholic
My Name Is Malika, I'm From Miami But I Currently Live In GA. I'm 20. A Scorpio. And A Self Proclaimed Cool Kid ;; I Love, Love, Love Bruno Mars #Hooligan, And Am Very Fond Of Ed Sheeran ;; I Also Love/Hate The Vampire Diaries #Beremy #Anti-Elana ;; My Favorite Show Is Pretty Little Liars #Ezria #Haleb ;; Favorite Books Include Harry Potter #Romione, Twilight #Team Jacob, And The Hunger Games #Everlark, Although I Can't Say The Same For Their Movies!!! I Also Reblog Other Things That Catch My Attention~

So Mix All That Together And You
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Side Note: I Experienced The Moonshine Jungle Tour On June 13, 2014
And it was EPIC :D


If you ever get the chance to see your favourite band live, fucking do it and don’t regret a single thing.


it’s just. ferguson isn’t over. this shit won’t ever be over. but people have stopped reblogging, stopped posting, stopped raising awareness for this major event. people are still angry. i’m still angry. stay angry.